We Came In Peace is a multi-disciplinary creative agency driven by human connection.

We create transformative experiences that bridge the worlds of art, music, science, design, and culture.

Our approach

Each project begins with a deep understanding and respect for context. We weave together the physical, cultural and social identities of a location/brand/idea, with smart design, strong visual identity and rich participatory programming - transforming space into place.

Drawing upon our collective background in interior design, hospitality, event production, brand strategy and the arts, we produce big-picture ideas while building economic value for our partners and clients. As obsessive aesthetes, we pay careful attention to natural patterns of use, bringing beauty, charm, and elegance to functional environments.

Human connection is fundamental our work, and instilling a sense of community is at the heart of every project. When we feel connected, our senses are heightened; we’re open to participation, immersion and discovery. We become part of a story. In making connection a central focus of everything we do, we build worlds that have soul.    

Immersive Worlds

Our approach to each project is holistic and intentional. As designers and strategists, we are experts at crafting immersive worlds around ideas. As producers we offer full-service, turnkey production capabilities with over a decade of experience.

We Came In Peace has collaborated with the most respected global brands across the fashion, automotive, entertainment and luxury markets, at the most high-profile happenings in the world.

From temporal happenings to permanent places planet-wide, we consistently deliver exceptional results in every market and industry we operate. 

Installations and Special Projects

We are artists, makers and thinkers who delight in collaborations that evoke joy, curiosity and exploration. We strive, above all, to facilitate the most unforgettable moments in peoples lives. We embrace opportunities to produce artistic commissions and imaginative installations, as well as custom furniture and functional objects for brands, private events and the public. 

Who We Are

We are a collaborative studio of alchemists who produce highly imaginative creative solutions across multiple disciplines. Our practice is rooted in a persistent drive to understand how experiences can meaningfully connect people to one another, and to ideas. We care deeply for the issues that matter to our world, and strive to produce socially and environmentally conscious work that leaves a positive impact on people and the planet.



Brand positioning

Experiential campaign platforms

Brand playbooks

Partnership curation

Transmedia storytelling


Interior design

Production, set, stage, interaction design

Visual identity, graphic design

Programming -music, art, dialogue, performance

Art curation and art production

Furniture and decor design, production, sourcing, procurement


Full-service, turn-key production services

Event management and production logistics

Fabrication of custom furniture, installations, and fixtures

Integrated digital and physical activations


Influencer engagement

Tactical promotion and PR integration

Content creation