A Mod Angeleno Bachelor Pad

The L.A. Times shines a spotlight ON WCIP


Written by the fabulous Lisa Boone, this weekend's edition of LA Home & Garden splashed our colorfully designed bachelor pad on the front page, with glowing review of the apartment's aesthetics and custom touches. 

"Working with the unit's cork flooring and birch plywood cabinetry choices, the designers mixed old and new furnishings to create a series of experiences: The guest room feels like a blue cocoon for overnight guests as saturated layers of indigo create an elegantly moody cave. In the living room, a pull-down screen allows Pipes to transform the living area into a movie theater. And the terrace, complete with fountain, potted plants and the Capitol Records building in the background, is the perfect venue to host parties."

As WCIP continues to explore new territories between the worlds of interior, experiential, and retail design, we are developing toward projects that are more permanent, resulting in more impactful spaces for residential or real estate endeavors.