WCIP Opens Basel's Third Eye

We’ve landed back into the reality of NYC, wishing that a fresh Floridian tan somehow could keep us warm on these chilly December nights. Another Art Basel has passed – the most outlandish art world ritual on this continent – and we’ve got some stories for you! 

Our kinfolk over at h0les prismatic eyewear had an outrageously good showing this season, debuting a bigger-than-lifesize translucent inflatable eyeball to shock and awe the crowds at Basel. This instant pop-up structure came to life in various Miami neighborhoods – an instant surrealist beacon drawing thrill seekers to experience the iconic h0les prismatic eyewear. Creator Pam Tietze reports her first satisfied customer was none other than Val Kilmer.


Meanwhile, on a SouthBeach rooftop, WCIP was called upon to create some dinner party visual magic for our favorite partner, Interview Magazine. Co-hosting an intimate dinner fete for who’s who of the art world alongside contemporary gallery OHWOW, Interview requested an artful, conversation-starting décor for the tablescape. WCIP rolled up the sleeves of our beach robes and gathered local flora and exotic fruits to create a textural tableau of monochromatic objects, positioned in suggestive poses. The result was just the right amount of NYC highbrow with a generous splash of Miami sexuality.