Today, a luminescent cube of love landed in Times Square. Let's all go bask in it.


"More people = more love. A BIG red heart pulses with glowing light in a grove of glass rods. A single person can activate the beating heart, but joining hands with others will make the heart beat even faster to create a brightly burning heart.

BIG♥NYC by BIG  (Bjarke Ingels Group) with FLATCUT and Local Projects conducts the flow of people, air and touch to bring its heart to life. The 10-foot tall glowing sculpture consists of 400 transparent, LED lit, acrylic tubes that form a cube around a suspended red heart. The transparent tubes refract the lights of Times Square, creating a cluster of condensed city lights around the heart. The hovering heart will pulsate faster reflecting the chain of human energy in the heart of Times Square."

- Via Times Square Alliance