Emotionally Vague: A Study on Patterns of Feeling



Emotionally Vague is a survey-based research project that looks for “patterns of feeling."

The study, conducted by a graphic designer, attempts to bring attention to the body's patterns of feeling and innate intelligence in a systematic but playful way.

Surveying hundred upon thousands of people, the study asks how individuals feel ‘Anger’ or feel ‘Sadness’ or feel ‘Love’. The data is then processed, sorted and ultimately visualized via infographic.

"I wanted to question how feeling can be experienced in the body, not simply in mind. I believe that we can use familiar tools to express understanding of experience, and not be restricted to the use of photographic stereotypes.

By gathering concepts of feeling by word, colour and line and creating visual languages for anger, joy, fear, sadness and love - a kind of democratic visual language is created - a backwards-brand."

More at emotionallyvague.com