The forgotten buckle of America's Rust Belt, Detroit is a city on the brink of radical change. Compared to cities like Berlin, artists from across the country are becoming aware of the massive potential in this post-industrial town.

Recently, legendary urban developer Tony Goldman visited Detroit and was brimming with the potential he found there. The man behind the re-invigoration of neighborhoods like SoHo in New York City, and South Beach in Miami, Goldman sees incredible potential in the future of the Motor City as well.

In Detroit, Goldman says he would amplify and multiply the city’s strength — its affordability to artists, musicians, designers and other creative workers. “Berlin is the most exciting city in Europe because it’s cheap to live there and attractive to young people doing unheard of things. I would re-make Detroit as the capital of the avant-garde, the experimental, a city like no other in America. To do that I’d flood the city with artists, 100,000 artists from all over the world living and working here.”

But first, he says, the city needs a cohesive vision to attract the foundations and the corporations. “They want to get behind Detroit, I know they do: but there needs to be strong leadership in place, incremental work and stable growth — like a good relationship. It won’t happen overnight, it’s a patient process. But once it gets started, this city will be unstoppable.”

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