Haas&Hahn is the working title of artistic duo Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn. They started working together in 2005, when they filmed a documentary about hip hop in the favelas of Rio and São Paolo for MTV. Inspired by this visit, they embarked on a journey to bring outrageous works of art to unexpected places, starting with painting enormous murals in the slums of Brazil together with the local youth.

The initial idea of the Favela Painting project has always been to paint an entire hillside favela in the center of Rio, visible to all inhabitants and visitors. As the portuguese translation for 'the hill'; 'o morro' is also used as a synonym for slum or favela, we chose to use this name for the third stage of the Favela Painting project.

This project involves employing the inhabitants of a favela to paint their own houses according to a pre-arranged pattern. It will turn their community into an artwork of epic scale and will produce an explosion of color, joyfully radiating into the world. Visible from the center of Rio, 'O Morro' will draw attention to the city's deplorable social situation, while instilling pride and joy in the at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

By focusing on extensive and painstaking preparations and working with a local workforce, Haas&Hahn hope to complete a significant part of the painting in a single 'day of visual impact' that will kick start this art intervention on a massive scale, create a joyful shock felt around the world, and write a new page in the city's history.

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