We're thrilled to announce the newest member of the WCIP nuclear family: Experience Designer Jake Humphrey. An intergral part of install team for The Band Van at SXSW '11, Jake now proudly holds down the fort in our home state of Texas. Equal parts flaneur and entrepreneur, he's hit the ground running, recently designing and installing a benefit for Art Pace in San Antonio.
To celebrate Art Pace's 16th annual fundraiser, Jake took a page from classic circus imagery of the 1940s. The event was a showstopper, complete with baudy freaks, clouds of bubbles, pyrotechnics, and balloons carpeting the ceiling of the 40ft tent erected outside the museum grounds. Each table was anchored by giant 84" balloons, whisked away by clowns once the guests were seated for dinner. At the center of the action were fire eating burlesque dancers, a strong man, and a fully bodypainted songstress bringing guests out of their seats and onto the stage.


 Be sure to stay tuned for more dazzling feats of aesthetic greatness from a Jake-infused WCIP!