SOAK from everyware.kr on Vimeo.

“Soak, Dye in light.” by everyware (2011) Simulated watercolor by GPU accelerated cellular automata. There is an empty canvas glowing in a dark room. When you touch it, its elastic surface stretches and gets suffused with beautiful vivid colors just like fabrics absorbing dyes. Poking and rubbing with hands or resting their whole body on this spandex canvas, people can soak this canvas in virtual dyes and create their own patterns. Dying fabric is a time-honored tradition of humankind. Local materials such as herbs, flowers, rocks, juice of animals or shells have been used through the dying process. Especially in Korea, people have deep affection toward the unique colors and textures of fabric dyed with traditional materials. Now in the age of new media, we tried a whole new way of coloring fabrics with the essential materials of new media, ‘light’ and ‘interactivity’. Also, as a meta-creative interactive installation, ‘Soak’ can be expanded for creating garments with personalized patterns or textile productions using today’s digital fabric printing technologies