The Twentyten's Collection Four is a whimsical exploration of the inner-workings of the mind, its hallucinations, and the complexity and endless creativity of irrationality. Baked on a fictional female character and her descent into madness, this season seamlessly fuses dark and playful, vibrancy and gloom, intricacy and delicate simplicity. Collection Four embodies the essence of the young brand: the ability to dip into both the fantastic and the absurd while still creating relaxed, wearable garments

At The Twentyten's presentation in the Starett-Lehigh building, crickets and baby mice were encapsulated in glass vessels next to ebony and steel jewelry designs. Videos made by renowned design firm We Came In Peace, which predominately featured images of women screaming, were projected onto walls and columns throughout the space.




Presenting their fourth collection at the Goldsmith mannequin showroom in Chelsea’s art gallery district, the abstract forms allows the viewer to bring their own persona to the easy draped shifts and tops paired with slouchy trousers or narrow bottoms. The projected video look-book as you enter the presentation, produced by We Came In Peace, successfully gives life to the team’s concept of this season’s muse descending into madness expressing all of her contradictory emotions wearing a favorite shocking pink dress.

Building on the interdisciplinary trend of designers and artists using multimedia installations to immerse the spectator, many of the newer labels for New York Fashion Week created these still and lifestyle events that go beyond the catwalk.