THIS IS A WHOLE WORLD AT YOUR NECK This deeply imbued bauble is brought to us today by none other than Brooklyn's mettalurgical love nymph, Vera Balyura.

We've been adoring her bits of inspired work since her Artists and Fleas days, but she's all growed up now. The hot heat of fashion's spotlight never softens her precious metal filled soul, and we're always impressed by her newest blingspiration.

Here we have the Alien V Predator Neckace, described by Vera thusly: "I’ve made this man inspecting an astronaut & astronaut inspecting man as a fun comment on our quest for alien life. Yet we are still alien to ourselves. Hopefully this necklace will encourage the wearer to look within themselves for the answers they seek. Plus it looks like a little acorn when worn so you’ll have a secret world on your neck."

We fully plan on commissioning Vera to create our extraplanetary voyage commemoration rings, to be distributed to all guests at the opening of WCIP Lunar HQ in the year 2525.

To get Vera's work on your phalanges go HERE.