Femina Ridens

One of our favorite events of the Marfa Film Festival was seeing this film, Femina Ridens, at the Giallo Lounge event at Building 98.

Philippe Leroy plays Dr Sayer, a misogynist obsessed with male virility and the threat of a female-dominated future. He's also a sadist who enjoys regular weekend sessions with a high class hooker.

When she cancels at the last minute, Sayer decides to take advantage of feminist journalist Maria, played by Dagmar Lassander, inviting her to come over to his apartment later to collect some papers she needs to be able to write up her article over the weekend. There, Sayer slips Maria a drugged J&B and takes her to his country home, with the intention of re-educating her as to the 'proper' places of men and women.

This film is styled how all films should be styled EVER - late 60's fashion and interiors that are nothing short of epic. You have to see it to believe it.

Thank you David Hollander for enlightening us with this Giallo masterpiece!