Music and gaming are having a lovechild, and the california king with ultra plush mattress topper where it's all playing out is the iPhone.

From techno-blog 9TO5MAC:

"Tapulous has launched its latest iPhone/iPod touch gaming title, this time teaming up with the Black Eyed Peas (Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling, and Meet Me Halfway) to introduce Riddim Ribbon. Downloadable levels from Tiësto, Benny Benassi and others are also promised.

Described as a music racing game.
As the song plays your job is to keep your ball on an infinite yellow rubbon, tilting your iPhone back and forth to keep it on the level. The iPhone’s accelerometer senses which way you are tilting the device and translates that into twisting controls for the ribbon racing.

“Each fork in the ribbon presents a new direction for you to take the mix of the song. Jump the ramps to reach upper levels, where wild audio effects kick in and the sound becomes more uniquely yours. Roll over pebbles and hit targets to maintain your speed through the checkpoints, but watch out for beat-dropping obstacles  - you’ll need to flick your phone to jump over them! If you veer off the target line too long, instruments start fading, the music slows down, and the track falls apart. Then you’ll certainly lose the crowd, which is a DJ’s worst nightmare. The better you play the game, the better the song sounds!”

WCIP's non-profit endeavor, A Louder Future, strongly believes in the importance of music creation in the hands of our youth. The joy of competition and the instant stimulation of technology are keeping that dream alive.

Say hello to an entire new generation of proto-DJs, indie producers, and bedroom beatmakers.