Fellow think tinker tankers over at THE COOL HUNTER have dreamed up a new forum for progressive thought and creative ideation, called Access Agency.

In 2010, TCH will launch Access Agency. It is a dedicated entity that will continue our work of creating highly original, transformational, yet eminently practical and results-oriented strategies for companies to stage the kinds of offline brand experiences that will increase the economic value of their offering.

We applaud this initiative - being an experiential design shop, WCIP believes there is a vastly untapped market for creating truly original and compelling "happenings" between brands and their audiences. A perfect example is Access Agency's concept that has us salivating, dubbed McFancy.

Access is hard at work creating ideas and concepts for some high profile brands. For McDonald’s, we envision a cool, surprising and fun mix of concepts. First is McFancy, an upmarket temporary McDonald’s store that launches at Fashion Weeks around the globe — London, New York, Paris, Milan, Sydney, Hong Kong. McFancy is part art installation, gathering spot and, of course, a restaurant that offers a traditional McDonald’s menu but packaged in a way that makes a playful yet stylish nod to the lifestyle of the highly desirable, influential consumers that attend Fashion Weeks.

Waiters in tuxedos, silver service, private dining areas, and packaging co-created with the fashion brands that present at Fashion Week — Burberry burgers, Chanel fries on black packaging, Paul Smith Sundaes…A bit of fun among the serious business of fashion.



Collabs such as these are fertile ground for struggling mega-brands and progressive thinkers.

To you transhumanists over at Access Agency, our spaceport is open for business if you'd ever like to dock.