History, Health, and Glamour

Tune in your communicators cadets! Here at WCIP, every now and again, we like to look back to our ancestors for futuristic gems. In this particular case we've found a tombful!


We know that the ancient Egyptians are draping and wrapping wizards (embalming much?), super duper advertisers; pyramids, gigantic statues and the unprecedented grandeur of monuments to the pharaoh du mode. As it turns out, their stylist were practically doctors too!

Recent discovery by French scientist have reveled that the iconic and dramatic make up worn by men and women alike, had medicinal properties too! The study, published in the journal Analytical Chemistry, suggests it helped to protect against eye disease. (gross) The key appears to be lead salts contained in the make-up which produce nitric oxide. This small dose apparently boosts the immune system.

Next time you go for a booze cruise on the Nile, while applying those perfectly painted eye wings, send a wink on the wings of Horus for that extra bit of safety....