Purry Expensive

Add some fur to your life this season. We're not referring to your coat closet for once - meet the Ashera, the world's most expensive feline. Clocking in at $20K you might have to skip a soy latte or two and save up, but who who can put a price on companionship? You spent that much on perfume last year, anyway.

The Ashera is a high-octane mashup of domestic cat, Asian leopard, and African serval. This object d'feline is a product of LIFESTYLE PETS who have this to say about the Ashera:

" The hypoallergenic cats and dogs produced by LIFESTYLE PETS are a significant new proven alternative to the traditional treatment of pet allergies. People who have lived without the companionship of a cat or dog because of their allergies can now have own one without the costs of allergy treatments or their known associated risks.

The new, exotic Ashera available since 2007, has the markings and standing of a mini-leopard and grows up to 25 pounds. The Ashera is not only truly hypoallergenic, but also the world's rarest cat. They are smart, affectionate, chatty, and loyal."

At least it's self-cleaning.