WCIP Wishing You A Perfect '10

The We Came In Peace Proto-Nuclear Family Would Like To Welcome You To The Next Decade!


2009 saw the launch of this enterprise, and we feel beyond fortunate to have converted the fantastic into the realized in our inaugural year.

In January, we served up a new identity for New Jersey’s locavore clubhouse, Restaurant L.  We lent our brains and a staple gun to help our friends at the 21st annual Bailey House Auction, finishing just in time to produce the I Love Factory Botanical Review for Fashion Week in February. Refueling our engines at SXSW in Austin, we returned to NYC and acquired new work/dream space at the Lower East Side’s creative hive, 195 Chrystie Studios. 

The summer flew by as we scoured the nation in search of the top street performers to join the Virgin Mobile Busker Brigade. This group of young artists came together in support of the ReGeneration, a charity effort to prevent youth homelessness. In August we descended upon our nation’s capital alongside Flava Flav, Tom Delong, and Richard Branson at The Virgin Mobile Freefest, where the buskers had their own stage, constructed entirely of bright orange traffic cones and reclaimed steel, designed in collaboration with our friends at EFGH.

Autumn came, presenting a cornucopia of opportunities, from music videos to experiential soirees and a growing family of rising musical stars. Chevonne’s music video premiere, My Menorah, became a holiday sensation, receiving praise from MTV, Gawker, Brooklyn Vegan, and more.

After a brief respite in our stasis pods, we are rejuvenated and ecstatic for the new year to commence.

We humbly thank our friends, family, colleagues, and clientele for a year’s worth of unforgettable memories and out-of-this-world experiences. Without you we would be mere space debris, set adrift against the quiet blackness of deep space..space..space…

Keep it futuristic in 2010!



Kim, Andrew, Danny, Skummi, Lera, and Jen

Illustration by Skummi